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The Junction at Christ Church Chorleywood will one again be the venue for the next FOPS Free PSA Testing session...

Monday 3rd June 6pm-10pm

Debbie Bloomfield has kindly agreed to host another Free PSA testing session, allowing us to use the ground floor accommodation and the Church for the interactive lectures from 8pm on ‘Prostate Matters’ by Alvan Pope and Julian Shah, also Victoria Muir on ‘Ladies Issues Down Below'.

Meanwhile in the back room Hitesh and Rajula will be dealing with Consent Forms and keeping an eye on our three phlebotomists ensuring that blood sampling proceeds smoothly throughout the evening.

From 6-10 pm there will be coffees and teas and wines served at the refectory, with donation buckets highly visible as PSA Tests are once again being offered free of charge.

Throughout the evening there will be the sound of guitars and songs performed by FOPS members and their friends in the front relaxation room. So come and enjoy the evening as your PSA Result will be posted to you a week later.

You can sign up to attend now by contacting Bob Arthy - or by telephone on: 01923 284424.

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The FOPS greatest accomplishment is that, working together, we have helped, and will keep on helping, men affected by Prostate Cancer (also known as 'Tiger Cancer') turn themselves away from their personal precipices and get their lives back together. Learn more...

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Uplifting Stories On the 21st and 23rd of December Dennis, a local popular garage owner, was told at Watford General hospital he had a PSA of 112 and then on retest 119. This blew his mind and in his words gave him 'high anxiety stress' which led him to contact the FOPS on Christmas Eve. Dennis talked to several FOPS... Read more...
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