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About Us

In March 2012 The FOPS were granted recognition as a Charity by HMRC - Reference XT33456. Ten Trustees were then appointed and held their first meeting on Weds 6th June. The date of the AGM was agreed to be Wednesday 13th March 2013.

The FOPS carry out fundraising, awareness and social events.

The FOPS charity is non-profit making and gives to worthy prostate research causes.

Funds currently go to the main prostate charities - Prostate UK and the Prostate Cancer Charity.

Recent Events in 2012

April saw the second FOPS concert in the Chorleywood Memorial Hall starring the Magnificent Mutton with Donna and her friends amusing us greatly with their mid-aged female humour. Then the finale from the wondrous Janet Seidel Trio who took the packed hall apart with encore after encore.

In 2011

January was when Elizabeth Martindale from Macmillan trained us how to deal with those coming to terms with the affliction of prostate cancer by listening and letting them talk just like the wise old owl sitting on the oak the more he listened the less he spoke the less he spoke the more he heard ...I wish I was like that wise old bird...well Elizabeth showed us how to be more helpful.

Then in May - from out of no-where - founder member and Councillor Mick Flinn took over the Pinner Hill Golf Club and organised a four ball and a magnificent meal in the evening and raised over £2000 and we all had a terrific day chasing golf balls all over the hills of Pinner.

Then came the 2nd June and the FOPS Prostate Roadshow in the Memorial Hall Chorleywood which was packed to bursting with not a spare chair anywhere. 149 Men gave blood and were PSA tested and all got advisory letters from the Consultant Urologist Graham Baxter Smith.who with Alvan Pope and Julian Shah our President and Vice President gave a fascinating Chat-In session to the packed and very focussed audience who questioned and commented in rapt least until the singing started with Jim and Bob and Jumping Jules all hammering out their prostate songs to a bemused audience....So a great evening had by all....

In November The Janet Seidel Trio very kindly agreed to play a concert for a nominal fee and so we blitzed the area with posters as the Penguin Book of Jazz says of the Seidels that they are the greatest in the southern hemisphere...all true very true the audience would not let the last song be the last song ….and so the concert ended rather late into the night.....

Events in 2010:

  • Chinese Chenies Extravaganza - Oct
  • Moor Park Golf Club Masked Ball - Aug
  • Jim entertained at "The Great Drag Race" - June
  • Christchurch Mens Breakfast - March
  • Prostate Awareness Week - March
  • Presentations on Cruise Liner - Feb

During 2009 the FOPS organised or supported:

  • Prostate Awareness Week
  • Pub Visits for Prostate Awareness
  • Mexican Fandango Evening
  • Presentations by invite to various groups both inside and outside the area
  • Presentation and video at Jazz Club
  • Presentations on Cruise Liners

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Personal Stories

Phil's Story I have worked for myself for the majority of my working career and have kept myself fairly fit. On looking back on the 2 years before I was diagnosed with P.C. I was getting very tired in the late afternoons, but put this down to business pressure and old age. After having a healthy sex life, I was... Read more...
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