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FOPS Christmas 2013

22nd December 2013

The picture below was taken by Graham Kates, of the FOPS Ensemble doing its first 'gig' down in Chorleywood for Christmas Late Night Shopping in early December (left to right its Jimmy Boy the deputy chairman, then Julian Shah our Vice President then Old Bob and Young Bob.)

Mikey our organiser is playing keyboards behind us. He did a great job because this was a dress rehearsal for three other events leading up to Christmas when we sang and went on singing - as we found we were in so much demand. First at the Baptist Church in Harefield when the staff cooked a delicious pre Christmas Lunch for their fifty or more senior citizens whom we serenaded, both before and after lunch till way into the afternoon. Then we sang after Morning Prayers on Sunday 22nd in St Michael's Church Chenies, where the congregation insisted on clapping us and kept us singing till we ran out of carols. Finally we had Christmas early eve in the Peppermill and collected quite a fan club of tiny tots whilst their families sang along with us, way into the evening

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The FOPS greatest accomplishment is that, working together, we have helped, and will keep on helping, men affected by Prostate Cancer (also known as 'Tiger Cancer') turn themselves away from their personal precipices and get their lives back together. Learn more...

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Bob's Story Passing water had became more and more of a strain, hence an appointment for a check up was made. "Your PSA is 18" said the doctor "and I'd like to examine your prostate, so up on the couch please. Hmm - your prostate is rather large, I'd like you to see a specialist." Hence in May 2008, my saviour,... Read more...

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