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Our 4th Prostate Roadshow

6th October 2014

Last Monday evening (4th Oct) saw Christ Church and The Junction transformed for our Roadshow. Front Room, Back Room and the Church looked stunning. This year the organisation was impeccable, and our guests were soon relaxed and chatting to us and to each other as they waited for their PSA Tests in the back room. Regular as clockwork results flowed all evening from the FOPS Bioscanning team of Hitesh, Pradip, Rajula and Helen. They were then checked and put into sealed envelopes before being confidentially given out to each man who had been tested.

Meanwhile back in the Church FOPS Presidents, Mr Alvan Pope and Mr Julian Shah were talking, both to and with, the fifty seated guests on the ‘Perils of the Prostate.’ The discussion was timed for an hour but lasted for nearly one and half hours as question after question flowed from the audience. At the end the audience rose and gave them a standing ovation. Both the FOPS Consultants and the audience were riveting - it was a great shame that no radio or tv station were present to record this outstanding session.

Finally a big "Thank You" to all FOPS and their partners who worked so hard together to make this the Fourth Roadshow such a memorable event, with 39 men being tested - so we may yet save more lives.

Bob Arthy and Jim Spence

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The FOPS greatest accomplishment is that, working together, we have helped, and will keep on helping, men affected by Prostate Cancer (also known as 'Tiger Cancer') turn themselves away from their personal precipices and get their lives back together. Learn more...

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Bob's Story Passing water had became more and more of a strain, hence an appointment for a check up was made. "Your PSA is 18" said the doctor "and I'd like to examine your prostate, so up on the couch please. Hmm - your prostate is rather large, I'd like you to see a specialist." Hence in May 2008, my saviour,... Read more...

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