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Chinese Chenies Extravaganza

16th October 2010

Oh what a night it was, it really really was!

Roger Foord did all the cooking and produced a marvellous Chinese Meal for the thirty or so locals, including the President of the FOPS (Friends of Prostate Sufferers) Mr Alvan Pope. We were in the rustic surroundings of the Chenies Cricket Club Pavilion. During our dinner we were serenaded by the very first performance of the New Mick Flinn Band who were simply brilliant. And just when things couldn’t be bettered - they were - by Christina from the Guildhall College of Music, who sang operatic pieces with the voice of an angel and the heart of our Creator.

Then it all went a bit déclassé or downhill if you prefer as two old gits – the Jimmy Bobby boys - fumbled around in their flat caps and eventually got their two guitars more or less in tune, and surprisingly their rendition of Jimmy’s Song for London got not only applause but a few calls of ‘more’ - wouldn’t yer know!, but being old they collapsed in a heap, just as the real dancers took to the floor cos the Mick Flinn Band were back.

And didn’t they come back with a vengeance - they were so much more than brilliant -- they were ‘Truly Awesome’.

And so we all danced the night away whilst Roger and Bob counted the money and found we had raised £330 for the Friends of Prostate Sufferers…So thanks so much to Chris and John the barmen and all at Chenies Cricket Club who waived fees as indeed did Mick Flinn and his Band…Nice One Fellers..See Ya’ll next year.

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