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The FOPS had a stand at the Chorleywood Village Day. Being 4 hours long, this is much smaller than the two day Rickmansworth River Festival we did a couple of months back, but we still spoke with many people about prostate awareness, and some new members joined. Thanks to our volunteers who helped out with talking to the visitors. Thanks also to Phil Williams, who paid for our pitch. It was another event which was good fun for those taking part.

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The FOPS greatest accomplishment is that, working together, we have helped, and will keep on helping, men affected by Prostate Cancer (also known as 'Tiger Cancer') turn themselves away from their personal precipices and get their lives back together. Learn more...

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Jim's Story It was quite a shock to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2008. I had been to the Doctors with a waterworks problem as many men do. I got up a lot at night but had had this problem a long time. I had various tests but no improvement on my water works. So at 71 years of age I decided to h... Read more...
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