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Hot News & Upcoming Events 2015/16
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Last Updated: 29th Apr 2016


Speak to or email our initial contacts
Bob Arthy, Jim Spence or Gabrielle/Dennis Goffin

Due to increasing numbers attending
please NOTE the next
FOPS Support Group Meeting is on
Wed 11th May again at the new location

The Junction at Christ Church, Chorleywood Common WD3 5SG
this is for a trial period of three months.
We’ll have the same team organising the evening and our same two favourite consultants, of course! 
so please come along as usual - everyone welcome
see note below following the recent successful April meeting

2 - Janet Siedel, Australia's first lady of jazz will be singing at Christ Church, Chorleywood on D Day Mon 6th June 7.30pm for 8pm

Tickets £15 available from Chorleywood Bookshops, Harshiks A & E Newsagency, Hitesh & Rajula's Pharmacy, Pradip's Pharmacy and Stratton Bakers or Tel: 01923 282424 or 282199 

2016 Janet Seidel Concert

Welcome to the Janet Seidel Concert at Christ Church Chorleywood. I do hope you have a very enjoyable evening, which is organised by Friends of Prostate Sufferers (FOPS).

Once you have taken your seats in the Church then the evening will commence with an introduction by founding FOPS, Jim Spence and Bob Arthy, to be swiftly followed by The Janet Seidel Trio, doubtless reflecting D Day - June 6th 1944.

Around about 8.45 pm we will have a refreshment break when you will be served wine and soft drinks from two stations within the Junction and teas and coffees from the main bar. Delicious tasty snacks courtesy of our sponsors ‘The Peppermill’ will also be available.  Please be generous with your donations for the drinks which you can put into the FOPS pails dotted around….

Whilst all this is going on it is rumoured that several FOPS Musicians will be roaming amongst you with their guitars and or banjos trilling a variety of ditties for your ‘delicatation’ so humour them by having a listen as and when you can…

Then at around 9.15pm Jim and Bob will introduce the second half of the show after singing their two Prostate Awareness songs.

Then to the finale…..Janet Seidel and Chuck the amazing guitarist and her brother David who reigns supreme on the huge real double bass, will entertain you and you probably won’t let them go….

When we do finish, and we have to by 11 pm, then its please pretty please tidy up putting all your rubbish in the bins provided and then have a safe journey home bathed in the wonderful sounds of the Janet Seidel Trio…

Bob Arthy

FOPS Chairman


Dear All,

             Although we were all very reluctant to leave the familiarity of 34, I am sure you would now admit The Junction is an altogether more accommodating venue. With 48 in attendance, I am not sure how we could have squeezed you all into 34. Having received several positive emails following the evening, I feel the decision to move house was a wise one. 


            The church committee have given us the use of their facilities at a reduced hire rate and as our evenings are self-supporting we are very grateful for this. We have undertaken to leave the reception area, toilets, kitchen and main meeting room shipshape when leaving, so thank you to those of you who helped in this effort. Your monetary contributions covered all our costs with a little over, which is reassuring for future meetings.


            Our continued support to each other in the these gatherings will surely see them carry on growing and benefiting everyone, both emotionally and psychologically, so long may they continue. Finally where would we be without our Alvan on the night? He was, as usual, a star. Alas, our other star, Julian, was called upon to shine elsewhere on the night. 


          We were delighted to welcome Gayan (Guy) Chetiyawardana, a Urology Advanced Practitioner, from Mount Vernon. Guy has offered to attend future meetings to discuss, with members who have either had radiotherapy or are contemplating it, its before & after ramifications. Time permitting, he will also engage on a one to one basis as well as dealing with any general questions from the group. 


We are indeed fortunate to have such talent in our midst – so “Thank you” to Sue Hordyj for introducing Guy to us.

The next meeting is on 11th May at The Junction, from 7.30 to about 9.30 as usual.



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